Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Major Low-light Digital Photography Breakthrough Inbound from Korea

The new sensor will enable clearly luminated images from atmospheres as dark
as a movie theater. (Korea Electronic Technology Institute)

by Nirav Sanghani, DailyTECH

Researchers don't want you to worry about bright flashes in dimly-lit scenes anymore

Our eyes will possibly get some relief from the blinding flash of cameras in low-light scenarios. South Korea's Electronic Technology Institute announced the development of a new image sensor chip that allows digital cameras to capture vibrant images without a flash in dark spaces.

The digital camera equipped with the chip will be able to take high-resolution photos or video-recordings at 1 lux. The camera will be able to snap pictures in places such as theaters, underground traffic tunnels, or dark-lit bars and clubs. The chip promises clear pictures with light as bright as the lighting from a candle 1 meter away in a dark room and is said to be 2,000 times [that's 11 stops] more light sensitive than other sensor types....



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